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Train the Trainer (KI)

The “Key Instructor” or “Train the Trainer” Course
More and more companies are setting up shop in Thailand.  This requires a skilled and preferably experienced staff.  However with a large organization comes turnover and this can bite into training budgets.  The most practical solution to this problem is to have a group of Key Instructors who have the knowledge, experience and desire to train new employees on how to best do their job.

Why is a KI Course beneficial?
1.    Knowledge and know how transfer becomes more effective
KI candidates an appropriate education or experience background to be able to absorb the know how from the manufactures expert.

KI’s job profile demands that they understand 100% of the training to be able to answer all questions that might arise, normal students only need to understand what is required for the job.
Recruitments for KI normally take place within the industry or technology community, therefore the mutual acceptance in KI training session is easily established
2.    The know how is updated regularly and remains in the company
KI’s participate in annual update training sessions and other events normally initiated by the industry to promote new or updated products.
The presence of a KI in the company enables the company to hire inexperienced new employees and have them trained by their own KI
Training material can customized for language and level of targeted trainees as required by the business.
Independence of the manufacturer is essential if the manufacturer is discontinuing with the business or taken over by other company.
3.    Quality standards in the industry
Companies that promote the implementation of ISO 9004 or ITIL ( require skills in their organization that are equal to a KI to ensure processes like Business Capacity Management (BCM) and Business Continuity Management (BCM) can be certified and audited.

Another step in professionalism for a company is to be verified for the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) for which continuously training and improvement is mandatory.
For more information on our KI Course please contact us for a meeting to decide what course of action is best for your organization.