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Presentation Skills Training

EduAsia Presentation Skills Training

We speak to our colleagues’ everyday with little to no difficulty, but when we’re asked to stand up and give a formal presentation suddenly we feel the stress and anxiety of public speaking. The cause of that anxiety is the basic fear of social evaluation and it can be eliminated with preparation and practice.

While many people simply choose to avoid presentations and pass this duty on to a colleague who has learned these presentation skills, managers, trainers and PR or sales staff need this skill.

Public speaking skills do not only contribute to professional success, they give you the confidence, organization skills and ability to influence others which cannot be overlooked.  Social opportunities will expand, your credibility will rise and professional advancements become within reach.

Whether it is in the small group, face-to-face, or large meeting context, you will be expected to express your ideas in an appropriate, effective, and clear way. Additionally, success with public speaking in the workplace means understanding the needs of your audiences and developing messages intended for them.

This course is designed to help people build confidence in preparing and delivering informative and persuasive presentations. We focus on the most valuable aspect of presenting; preparation.  Everyone should be aware of audience analysis, research, organization, and the use of voice and body in speech delivery.   

Your team will learn the basic elements of public speaking and small group presentations. These basics will include researching speeches, outlining and writing them, and using audio-visual aids to support your words. You will also learn more subtle skills, such as how to connect with your audience and overcome the fear of public speaking.

Most importantly, you will learn how to make speeches that satisfy different needs. By the end of this course, you should have a clear understanding of the differences between persuasive speeches and informative speeches and the ability to properly plan, organize and speak publicly.

Our courses are very simple and will keep your team interested. In case you want a customized course on a particular topic or a list of topics we will have it tailored for you.