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Mastering Motivation through Passion

Mastering Motivation through Passion
Creating Mindset Change

A creative workshop experience using professional actors and bringing out the best in employee potential, building engaging employees and retaining talent along the way
Overview Mastering Motivation through Passion moves each individual to create and sustain an immensely powerful inner drive and motivation through their own passion. Material and financial incentives often fail to keep people striving to achieve, the most effective approach is for individuals to motivate themselves and see your organization as vehicle for their growth and development and with this impact on your organizations bottom line.

Leaders with the ability to intrinsically motivate themselves and utilize their core passions to create a dynamic working culture are a powerful asset for any organizations. Build their motivation into the framework of your organization and retain talent along the way.

Where motivation is the inner drive, Passion is the pushing force and it is this we will develop for you to see your passion is your source of fuel to turn projects into amazing outcomes.
Through coaching and interaction the Mastering Motivation through Passion program equips participants with techniques for creating and maintaining their own levels of motivation.

Business benefits
No matter what the strategy within a business the Mastering Motivation through Passion Program will ensure people are really up for the challenge. Through attending this program delegates will be driven to succeed and have a focus on results irrespective of the corporate environment.

    Understand their habitual behaviors and how habits can help or hinder their success
    Exercise choice over personal motivation levels choosing more helpful responses to
       events and setbacks
    Maintain a positive mindset which promotes resourcefulness and productiveness in
       a challenging  business environment
    Increase their confidence to pursue objectives and goals
    Reproduce their best days consistently when it matters most
    Identify what they do when they are at their best and develop personal
       exceptional performance strategies
    Appreciate the crucial importance of how attitude impacts performance and results
    Switch strategies away from fear of making mistakes towards experimenting and
      1 or 2 days