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Douglas Rhein

Douglas Rhein is the founding Director of EduAsia and the Psychology Coordinator at Mahidol University International College in Thailand.  He was born in America and attended university in both USA, England and Australia majoring in Psychology and Communication before coming to Asia where he has worked in China, Korea, Japan and Thailand. He is currently a doctoral candidate in Educational Psychology and doing research on cross cultural adjustment and leadership in Asia. 

Today Douglas Rhein lectures in many areas of Psychology at Mahidol University, Thailand as well as being a key instructor support manager, a gender rights researcher and a leadership and communications facilitator at many leading multinational corporations in Bangkok. Douglas regularly works with government and private companies conducting various corporate workshops across Asia.   Areas of training include leadership, operations, safety, and cross cultural communications. 

Douglas Rhein has a deep understanding of Asian culture and has published a number ofacadedmic papers concerning culture, education and leadership in Asia. He regularly receives excellent feedback from his government and corporate clients and is responsible for establishing EduAsia as one the best corporate training companies in Thailand.