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"Communication Training with EduAsia is valuable asset for participants who have either zero or very advanced background in communication. The trainer has an ability to make complexity comprehensible. Participants not only amuse with the training but they could apply knowledge gained to their daily-routine and workplaces regardless of their culture and background. All I can say, I value this training as indispensable communication tools in what I deserve to become a better skilled person in communication" 

Chisa Atthipornwattana

United Nations Refugee Program Manager

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“Thank you.  You helped us to understand more about how culture changed our behavior and communication.  We can improve bad behavior and practical problem solving to work together.  I really like the coaching activity we did.  Thank you for fun training when I learn.”

Manager--PTT Exploration and Production




"Doug conducted a highly professional, knowledgeable and practical cultural training seminar that provided me with an in depth understanding of Thai culture, both professionally and socially" 

Rudi Steffens

Country Sales Director at ETP International