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Welcome To EduAsia

EduAsia Thailand

EduAsia was established with the purpose of creating unique corporate training courses designed to provide practical self sustaining solutions to your workplace problems.

Each course is customized to our clients’ needs and expectations.  This flexibility of course design is ideal for:
Implementing sound instructional strategies
Designing new approaches to hitting objectives
Delivering optimal learning through unique instruction methods

We offer practical methods of reducing turnover, improving company culture, instilling an atmosphere of leadership and self efficacy, enhancing motivation and much more.

EduAsia designs, creates and implements tailor made courses to suit our clients’ needs.  Each course is created based on your organization.  The materials, examples, activities and the culture of our training are based on your particular corporate expectations.   At EduAsia, we work with you to obtain your goals.

We provide a range of courses to help our clients succeed in Asia.  Each of our facilitators has extensive experience in corporate training in the region.  Each of us has learned lived and worked here for at least 15 years and knows the people and the culture.  

We have learned that applying western solutions to Asian problems simply creates new problems!  Generic, cookie cutter, one size fits all training is not practical, effective or worthy of your valuable time.  

If you are going to invest in training, make sure it is training designed for you and your organizational needs.

EduAsia is not a part of, or affiliated with, either an employer association or government. Therefore, you can be guaranteed our advice is independent and always provided in the interests of your enterprise or organization.

To put it simply, our goal is to help you improve the way your office or company works.     

Training Courses at EduAsia

Each of our courses is conducted in a hotel or conference room depending on size and length of training.  Unlike most companies, EduAsia does not rely on PowerPoint lectures, downloaded YouTube videos or grandstanding.  We know that the best way to learn is by discussion, observation, practice and production through implementation of the new knowledge or skill.

To ensure audience interest and participation we include actors and use real life situations.  This allows for the audience to ‘freeze’ situations and discuss what is happening and why.    
Our actors primarily conduct these role plays using Thai but for those participants who are not familiar with the local language we also provide copies of the dialogue as well as earphones with live translation by our staff.  Therefore, our training teams usually include one facilitator, 2 actors and 2 support staff.

Participants have consistently given excellent feedback and many later tell us that this aspect of the training is the most memorable and effective.

We prefer to keep our courses small and ask for a maximum of 20 participants.  Experience has shown us that small groups create better results.

Lastly, at EduAsia we don’t train and run.  We provide follow up for our clients and prefer to establish long term partnerships.  Our facilitators will often go back to the organizations we work with to answer questions, provide support and ensure knowledge transfer through behavioral observation, further coaching and constructive feedback.

Courses Offered:

•    Train the Trainer (3-4 day course depending on audience numbers, no actors
      as the participants are actively training others in the course)
•    Leadership and Coaching (2 days, actors used)
•    Cross Cultural Communication (2 days, actors used)
•    Meeting Skills (1 day course, actors used)
•    Presentation Skills (2-3 day course, actors used)
•    Team Development (1-2 day course)
•    EQ and Positive Psychology in the Workplace (1 day, no actors used)
•    Motivation through Passion (1 day course. actors used)
•    One on One Coaching (this is scheduled on demand and is often set in our clients’
      office when they are available for one on one consultations)